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NSA X files

After the recent disclosure by FBI of their UFO archive, NSA follows suit. What is going on? Why the sudden interest in UFOs and disclosure of documents by Government organizations? Are we being (mis)led towards an official disclosure… [peruse through the NSA X files here]

So the FBI decides to open up an [ online reading room ] of classified documents now released to the public to enjoy. There’s a special section within this electronic archive titled [ Unexplained Phenomena] and here’s one of the documents (an internal FBI memo) that is being given great importance on the net. [READ HERE]

Update: A quick perusal of the net – reveals this memo has previously been released, and a hoax according to some sources. My question: Why the heck is this still part of the FBI archives?…

Holy Aliens Batman!

UFO hovers over Dome of Rock – huh?… looks like CGI work to me … [check out the video]

ETs all around

Ex-China Foreign Ministry Official claims ETs live among us — [Read here]

World business leaders told flying saucers are real and aliens exist — “At five thousand dollars a ticket, some business leaders got more than they bargained for when they attended the first day of the Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) being held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They were told flying saucers are real, and they better start thinking about the business implications of extraterrestrial life and technologies.” [Read more here]

Prep for ET

Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens, say scientists — UN should co-ordinate plans for dealing with extraterrestrials-and we can’t guarantee that aliens will be friendly. [Read more here]

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