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Planned protests were not allowed to take place by the Saudi Authorities, while in Yemen and Bahrain protests continue (at a very large scale)… [read here]

… according to one analyst – Interesting interview [watch here]

To quell the upcoming revolt, the Saudi Authorities take action –  [read here] and [here]

Day of rage…

Protests planned in Saudi Arabia for 11th March [read here]

If facebook revolutions are to be believed (they have been accurate so far in inciting protests in other countries), mark this date on your calendar – Saudi Arabia might be next [READ HERE].

Also, a maneuver to quell the coming unrest [read here]

A senior member of the Saudi royal family sends out a warning… [read here]

Rumour makes news

I found this story yesterday, but decided not to link it because it could not be verified. But the rumour of the death King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has not died down. The following link is not to the original article that started the rumour but to an article as evidence that even rumours are making news … [read here].  If this turned out to be true, this would have serious implications for not just Saudi Arabia but the ME and the world.

Must be something they ate. Seriously though, this is a possible sign of trouble brewing [read the article here], especially in light of my previous posts [here] and [here]

A warning of apocalypse

The article I am about to highlight is old, 9th June 2010 to be exact. The reason for its relevance is it’s content, considering the recent civil unrest / revolution brewing amongst several arab countries. This piece is about Saudi Arabia, [read it here] and you will understand why I feel it should get your attention…

Saudis detain Israeli vulture for being a ‘zionist spy’ —“Saudi newspaper al-Weeam reported that the bird had a “foul odor coming out of its mouth — proof of a Zionist plot.” — proof I am not making this up, [check here]

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