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Clashes in Bahrain

Inspired by Egypt, Bahrain now erupts in revolt – [read here]

Peter Schiff  of Euro Pacific Capital on the future…

I suspected this was happening. There are stories coming out of Egypt about the looting and pillaging going on amongst the real protests (revolution) to ouster Hosni Mubarak, one has to wonder who is behind all that rampage. This article reveals the possible answer. “Reports are widespread that many of the looters in Cairo are, in fact, remnants of the police and state security forces that were forced into a full retreat during Friday’s mass street revolt. In addition, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of prisoners were released from prisons in Fayyoum and Tora. Many believe it’s all part of an organized campaign by the regime to create lawlessness in the city in a last gasp attempt to maintain its grip on power. The headline of Al-Masry Al-Youm today blared: “Conspiracy by Interior Ministry to Foment Chaos.”

[Read the full article here]

Although this site is focused on alternative news, not necessarily mainstream, I need to highlight a trend  that is developing and is alarming to some degree regarding civil unrest news that is coming from mainstream. After Tunisian and Lebanese revolts against their respective governments making recent news, riots and civil unrest is also becoming a major issue in other countries:




Considering the current (economic) state of the world this growing trend shouldn’t be a surprise. What is unsettling is the pace of how quickly it is all happening…

[updated] Saudi Arabia now comes into the fold of protesting masses in the region.

[read here]

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