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Man on the run

As protests take over Libya, Gaddafi flees the country [read here]

Update: Gaddafi’s departure reported to be a rumor by Al Jazeerah

Robert Fisk reporting from Bahrain [read here]

A video posted on youtube showing a scene of the massacre. Viewer discretion is advised.

A senior member of the Saudi royal family sends out a warning… [read here]

Clashes in Bahrain

Inspired by Egypt, Bahrain now erupts in revolt – [read here]

Kuwait next?

With recent reports of protests in Saudi Arabia, (check earlier posts on this site) it looks like Kuwaitis are getting inspired to take the streets as well. [Read about it here]

Must be something they ate. Seriously though, this is a possible sign of trouble brewing [read the article here], especially in light of my previous posts [here] and [here]

Some of the signs are very funny [read here]

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