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Experts believe that the Japan nuclear disaster is far worse than governments are revealing to the public [read here]

Japan has suggested the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant has gone beyond a meltdown into a worst-case melt-through. [source]

From bad to worse…get updated [here], read more [here], and further update [here]. Check out [this article] why the US is in danger…

It gets worse [read here]

Link to the Norwegian Institue of Air Research – tracking the potential release of radiation from Fukushima [check the map]

Another point of view:

For everyone in the MSM claiming that the Japan Nuclear situation is under control and not that serious should watch this…

Democracy Now interviews Michio Kaku – must watch

More liquification evidence – this is NOT a good sign…

Very important – watch:

Important! watch…

Mainstream media has as usual dropped the ball in providing a clear analysis so youtube is being utilized by other experts to explain things as they are (currently) …watch the video below:

Now that there has been [another explosion in Unit 3] at the Fukushima Nuclear facility, the risk of a meltdown and radiation has increased. So far in the mainstream news, according to most experts, the radiation levels are low and contained, however it is important to be aware of those experts who disagree. [read this article here] – note this appeared prior to the second explosion in Unit 3.

[UPDATE: – you might want to check this out – [important news]

I am not posting any news links to this story because enough information is out there on the net. However, it is important to highlight these following links:

Global Giving
[link to www.globalgiving.org]

Save The Children
[link to www.savethechildren.org]

Red Cross
[link to newsroom.redcross.org]

Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake
[link to japan.person-finder.appspot.com]


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