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… says ex-Mossad Chief [read here]

Largest student union in Europe boycotts Israel [read here]

ICC hypocrisy

Going after Gaddafi while ignoring NATO and Israeli atrocities [read here]

Netanyahu’s is seriously worried… [read here]

Demolition record

While the world’s attention is focused on Israel bitching about the Goldstone report, Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes but now at record breaking speed… [read here]

While Israel was quick to condemn Palestine (Palestinians) for the murder of jewish family of settlers [link here], there’s an update on that story as to who might be the real culprit of this crime. Don’t expect Israel or the western media to even mention this on MSM because that is not how the game is played [read this version of events here]

Interesting interview – watch:

Gilad Atzmon addressing a Palestinian solidarity conference in Stuttgart –

A bit of ignored history

Watch and be informed

My question is, why should this news be a surprise to anyone considering the collective mindset of the Israeli government over the years. [Read here]

According to Jewish Ultra-orthodox marketing campaign – [read here]

From Gilad Atzmon’s blog – [a must read]

“Minimally explored in all the coverage of the momentous Egyptian uprising taking place over the last 10 days are the Israeli connections. ”  [read here]

Youtube has some interesting political opinions/commentaries. Case in point:

Norwegian PR firms show good sense [read here]

Press TV interview [watch here]

How absurd is this? [read this]

The story behind (the ignored/forgotten) Goldstone report [read here]


No shortage of insanity…

But only in secret though. Read about Israel’s secret SOS’ to world leaders [here]

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