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Experts believe that the Japan nuclear disaster is far worse than governments are revealing to the public [read here]

…happening now

It gets worse [read here]

Very worrying… [read here]

Pretty horrific – [read here]

Very disturbing – take note: [read here]

It keeps getting worse…

Busby on RT

Fairewinds Associates’ E. Gunderson on the current status

Link to the Norwegian Institue of Air Research – tracking the potential release of radiation from Fukushima [check the map]

Another point of view:

For everyone in the MSM claiming that the Japan Nuclear situation is under control and not that serious should watch this…

Democracy Now interviews Michio Kaku – must watch

Mainstream media has as usual dropped the ball in providing a clear analysis so youtube is being utilized by other experts to explain things as they are (currently) …watch the video below:

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