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Rep. Congressman Peter King is holding hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in the US. Before you see the video below, be sure to [check this out]

Shariah 4 America

Shariah 4 America is now online (link to follow) . My opinion, this site is so blatantly inciteful that it smells like CON JOB of the highest order. Americans of Glen Beck mindset are likely to cite this as an example for their validity of their fear and hatered for Islam. The owners/organizers behind this site are proxies for a bigger game to be played out in the US… and it is coming!  The GAME is about to play YOU (the American public)… [check the site]

Self-righteous, hypocritical, bigoted, misinformed and dangerous – welcome to the world of the pseudo-religious groups. [read here]

In my recent post, I highlighted the madness of the so called ‘muslim scholars’ praising the killer of the Pakistani governer. Well, it seems I was right, religious extremism/ lunacy is not the monopoly of any specific religion, as evidenced by this recent video (below). This video message comes from Fred Phelps (of the Westboro Baptist Church) praising the  assailant who carried out the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Gilfords, Congresswoman of Arizona by shooting her at point blank range in the head…

Muslim Scholars praise killer of Pakistan Governer — [My opinion: Extremism is not a monopoly of any specific religion, but there seems to be a disturbingly concentrated effort by a selective group of  mentally challenged individuals in Pakistan who parade under the banner of  ‘islamic scholars’, who seem to be giving it a right push…]  — Read the article [here]

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