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By now, everyone’s aware of what happened in Egypt yesterday. How the demonstrations turned voilent and the MSM will continue to qualify which parties were at fault (but based on their own agenda). I would like to highlight for you a blog post that I came across that comes from an Egyptian blogger – this is the most honest opinion about the demonstrations in Cairo that took place over the last few days. It is worth a read – [check here]

A warning of apocalypse

The article I am about to highlight is old, 9th June 2010 to be exact. The reason for its relevance is it’s content, considering the recent civil unrest / revolution brewing amongst several arab countries. This piece is about Saudi Arabia, [read it here] and you will understand why I feel it should get your attention…

Although this site is focused on alternative news, not necessarily mainstream, I need to highlight a trend  that is developing and is alarming to some degree regarding civil unrest news that is coming from mainstream. After Tunisian and Lebanese revolts against their respective governments making recent news, riots and civil unrest is also becoming a major issue in other countries:




Considering the current (economic) state of the world this growing trend shouldn’t be a surprise. What is unsettling is the pace of how quickly it is all happening…

[updated] Saudi Arabia now comes into the fold of protesting masses in the region.

[read here]

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