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I am not making this up …. [read here]

Killer cucumbers!

Not kidding… [read here]…Queeni must be missing her cucumber sandwiches with tea…

Italians evacuate Rome, based on a prediction (of a large earthquake) made in 1915 [read here]

Is this a hoax?… if not, this is another in line of the weirdest laws coming out of the US… [read here]… made me laugh

NSA X files

After the recent disclosure by FBI of their UFO archive, NSA follows suit. What is going on? Why the sudden interest in UFOs and disclosure of documents by Government organizations? Are we being (mis)led towards an official disclosure… [peruse through the NSA X files here]

Not that we don’t have enough to worry about…but scientists are now discovering that the sun might be emitting a mystery particle that is likely influencing the decay rate of matter on earth. That’s right, carbon-dating might now be actually ‘dated’ … weird and worrying [check here]

More liquification evidence – this is NOT a good sign…

The company that caused the Gulf Oil disaster are rewarding its Execs with bonuses for achieving ‘the best year in safety performance’….. welcome to the bizarro world [read here]

Sales are up 1000% as people prep for the worst case scenario… luxury doomsday bunker… [check it out]

Vortex of death

Jeez!… talk about doom and gloom [read here]

Strange and unusual – [check this out]

Not much to say here other than check out [this link] and watch the video below, you sinners!


No comment – [ just check this out]

A book no one can read

At least they now know how old it is [read here]

ET phone home

ET phone home. Now you can phone ET. New iPhone app to call ET… only 7 dollars apparently. [download here if interested]

This is un(effing)believable!  “A Chinese Restaurant Association official said that eating three bowls of this fake rice would be like eating one plastic bag.” [read here]

According to Jewish Ultra-orthodox marketing campaign – [read here]

Cereal, Booty and the Holocaust

Sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it? Actually, these three words have been removed from the latest version of the New Catholic Bible – apparently to ensure further clarity for readers. I bet the next version will include drawings, and the version after that will be a pop-up book … anyways, [read the story here]

Holy Aliens Batman!

UFO hovers over Dome of Rock – huh?… looks like CGI work to me … [check out the video]

No, i am not making this up… [read here]

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