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Rumour makes news

I found this story yesterday, but decided not to link it because it could not be verified. But the rumour of the death King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has not died down. The following link is not to the original article that started the rumour but to an article as evidence that even rumours are making news … [read here].  If this turned out to be true, this would have serious implications for not just Saudi Arabia but the ME and the world.

Disturbing to say the least… [peruse the list here]

The mystery deepens — [read here]

First there was this… thousands of dead birds

And then there was this…thousands of dead fish [Read here]

Now, not just in Arkansas …more dead fish  [Read this]

… and even more dead birds, check this video:

Further update — check these links…

Falling Birds

Kentucky – [link to]
Louisiana – [link to]
Arkansas – [link to]
Germany – [link to]
Japan – [link to]

Dead Fish

Arkansas – [link to]
Kent Island, MD – [link to]
Brazil – [link to]
Wales UK – [link to]

Map of tracking strange bird / fish deaths globally (yes, someone actually took the time out to create this 🙂

check here

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