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UAE hires blackwater

This is not a good sign… [read here]

George is unstoppable and kicks arse … ūüėÄ

CIA in Libya

Watch CNN squirm as interviewee overtly presents an opinion (truth) that goes against the mainstream grain…

No comment [just read]

If true, this is extremely disturbing [read here]

Raymond Davis Mystery

The story¬†(so far) of Raymond A. Davis and the two¬†slain Pakistani motorcyclists gets even more mysterious [read here]. I sense black Ops / Blackwater (Xe Services) machinations behind this… [UPDATE on 23-2-11 – I hate to be right on this one…but here it is [check this]

UPDATE: Visiting US congressman pressures Pakistan to release Raymond Davis [read here]

Further UPDATE: [here]

Pentagon’s new toys

Imagining and investing in development of future weaponry, DARPA describes its latest weapon as (and i quote), ‚Äúdemonstrate compressed magnetic flux generator (CMFG)-driven magneto hydrodynamically formed metal jets and self-forging penetrators (SFP) with significantly improved performance over explosively formed jets (EFJ) and fragments,‚Ä̬†… What the hell are they on about?! … [you figure it out]

No comment.

[Check this]

[And this]

For the uninitiated, before you check out the video below, you may want to first review this [link] about Mike Rupport and why he is extremely relevant for the (US) alternative news followers.

Egyptian Authorities cut off internet, social networks and sms due to ‘security reasons’ during riots.¬† This trend is likely to be copied by other countries… [read story here]

This has been around on the net for a while but now there’s a more concentrated effort to push this into the mainstream and it is picking up steam via facebook. What is the Zeitgeist Movement?…to quote from the site, “Started in late 2008, The Zeitgeist Movement exists as the communication and “Activist Arm” of an organization called The Venus Project. The Venus Project was started many decades ago by Social/Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco and his life’s work has been to address and overcome the lack of sustainability existing currently across the world and work to incorporate new methods and values before it is too late. The basic pursuit of The Movement is to begin a transition into a new, sustainable social design called a ‚ÄúResource-Based Economy‚ÄĚ. This term was first coined by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project and refers to an economic structure based exclusively on strategic resource management as the starting point for all decisions.” [you can check out the website here]

Also, there’s a two and half (plus) hour video released by TMZ, if you have the time – enjoy!

Samsung Terminator

“Samsung just received confirmation for a patent that describes an unmanned automatic shooting mechanism that is designed to support and replace security forces in locations such as airports, harbors, and nuclear power plants.” [read here]

This video is worth watching… it is disturbing, surprising, and informative all at the same time —

Radiation is not the only health hazard — Those who opt out of being scanned must now submit to a far more intrusive form of pat-down, and a large number of horror stories have already surfaced, where people of all ages have been humiliated, or worse, during these pat-downs. [more here]

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