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I am not making this up …. [read here]

Experts believe that the Japan nuclear disaster is far worse than governments are revealing to the public [read here]

Japan has suggested the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant has gone beyond a meltdown into a worst-case melt-through. [source]

Mainstream media finally wakes up to the dangers of CMEs… [read here]

From bad to worse…get updated [here], read more [here], and further update [here]. Check out [this article] why the US is in┬ádanger…

It gets worse [read here]

Very worrying… [read here]

Pretty horrific – [read here]

Way much too much fodder for conspiracy theorists, when the official version falls apart continuously…another element of the┬ástory of the Bin Laden execution (let’s call it what it was) is brought into doubt by this article… [read here]

Very disturbing – take note: [read here]

Antarctic alert

Strange happenings in the areas around the south pole region. There’s [this] and [this]… you figure it out why this is happening.

It keeps getting worse…

Busby on RT

Fairewinds Associates’ E. Gunderson on the current status

Another point of view:

Not that we don’t have enough to worry about…but scientists are now discovering that the sun might be emitting a mystery particle that is likely influencing the decay rate of matter on earth. That’s right, carbon-dating might now be actually ‘dated’ … weird and worrying [check here]

For everyone in the MSM claiming that the Japan Nuclear situation is under control and not that serious should watch this…

Democracy Now interviews Michio Kaku – must watch

More liquification evidence – this is NOT a good sign…

Very important – watch:

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