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… says ex-Mossad Chief [read here]

Long but worth a read … [check here]

Pakistan Taliban attack a naval base in Pakistan [read here].

Keep in mind that CIA is running a covert ops of thousands of elite mercenaries supposedly fighting the militant extremists (Al Qaeda/Taliban et al) officially. [read here]

But can you guess who most likely created, funded and recruited the Pakistani Taliban? LET ME REMIND YOU… [read what was revealed when CIA Raymond Davis was caught]

What you are seeing is farcical war theatre set to convince the world that OBAMA is expertly fighting the war on terror on the terrorists elements that reside in Pakistan. What mainstream media does NOT focus on is that terrorism is spreading in Pakistan courtesy of intelligence agencies (specifically the CIA). Why? Because you cannot have a continuous war on terror without terrorism.

A very dangerous scenario being played out to by the USA against Pakistan.

CIA fabricating evidence/reason to pick a fight with Pakistan [read here] and [here]

Hamid Gul interview with Alex Jones on the same situation

Going after Gaddafi while ignoring NATO and Israeli atrocities [read here]

Sick [read here]

Netanyahu’s is seriously worried… [read here]

USA actively and covertly messing about in Pakistan’s backyard [read here]

Rare moment of truth

đŸ™‚ … cool satire [read here]

Way much too much fodder for conspiracy theorists, when the official version falls apart continuously…another element of the story of the Bin Laden execution (let’s call it what it was) is brought into doubt by this article… [read here]

[read here]

Important article detailing certain facts (especially for those who qualify wikileaks to showing evidence against Pakistan’s involvment/support for Bin Laden), that will never be highlighted in the mainstream media because it reveals openly the bull&^%  of the official version of the Bin Laden execution. [read the article here]

“We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic.”  [read here]

Very likely…

I concur.  Watch the full interview…very good!

Carving up Pakistan

An alternative opinion piece on the purpose of the drone attacks and the aim for Pakistan [read here]

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