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200, 000 account holders info retrieved by hackers…and CITIbank releases this info a month after the cyber attack… [read here]

Stay Alert all FB users! … [read here] and [here]

Democracy now segment – watch:

Google, Facebook and others filtering the type of information you get to see. This is very disturbing…because it defeats the purpose of the internet. This is the dumbing down of the internet…

Something that mainstream news completely ignored… [read here]

Way much too much fodder for conspiracy theorists, when the official version falls apart continuously…another element of the story of the Bin Laden execution (let’s call it what it was) is brought into doubt by this article… [read here]

They would have had their story (facts) straight before going public with such big news, one would think but no… [read here]

Update: another revision to the original version of events [read here]

So the FBI decides to open up an [ online reading room ] of classified documents now released to the public to enjoy. There’s a special section within this electronic archive titled [ Unexplained Phenomena] and here’s one of the documents (an internal FBI memo) that is being given great importance on the net. [READ HERE]

Update: A quick perusal of the net – reveals this memo has previously been released, and a hoax according to some sources. My question: Why the heck is this still part of the FBI archives?…

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