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… as US debt reaches 100% of the GDP… [read more frightening facts here]

13 facts about American military spending [read here] that are not just shocking but profoundly immoral in my view, including this one, “In 2008, the Pentagon spent more money every five seconds in Iraq than the average American earned in a year.”

Experts believe that the Japan nuclear disaster is far worse than governments are revealing to the public [read here]

Stay Alert all FB users! … [read here] and [here]

… says ex-Mossad Chief [read here]

Another sign for the impending economic fall [read here]

Why doesn’t this surprise me… [read here]

Democracy now segment – watch:

Executive Rule

US Admin continues to break their own law… go to war without declaring it and get the required congressional approval for it…

… even though there’s a ban on demonstration [read here]

[read here]

Important article detailing certain facts (especially for those who qualify wikileaks to showing evidence against Pakistan’s involvment/support for Bin Laden), that will never be highlighted in the mainstream media because it reveals openly the bull&^%  of the official version of the Bin Laden execution. [read the article here]

They would have had their story (facts) straight before going public with such big news, one would think but no… [read here]

Update: another revision to the original version of events [read here]

This is revoltingly disturbing but then again, it is not surprising that this is happening… [read the pdf here]

Is this a hoax?… if not, this is another in line of the weirdest laws coming out of the US… [read here]… made me laugh

Busby on RT

Fairewinds Associates’ E. Gunderson on the current status

This is only news to the US mainstream media… the rest of the (sane) world already knew this… [read here]

NSA X files

After the recent disclosure by FBI of their UFO archive, NSA follows suit. What is going on? Why the sudden interest in UFOs and disclosure of documents by Government organizations? Are we being (mis)led towards an official disclosure… [peruse through the NSA X files here]

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone… [read here]

George is unstoppable and kicks arse … 😀

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