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Killer cucumbers!

Not kidding… [read here]…Queeni must be missing her cucumber sandwiches with tea…

[read here]

“Many have long suspected that U.S. policy on genetically modified (GM) organisms was being influenced by the multinational corporations that profit from genetic engineering and the export-oriented agribusiness. However, recently released Wikileaks cables document just how close that relationship has become.” [read here]

And the protests flare up again in [India] and [Greece]

It is unrecognizable already … [read here]

This video explains how Goldman Sacs, Wallstreet and the US Federal Reserve caused food prices to sky rocket resulting in mass protests that we are currently seeing in countries around the world.

Jim Rogers on state of the economy – [watch video here]

This has been around on the net for a while but now there’s a more concentrated effort to push this into the mainstream and it is picking up steam via facebook. What is the Zeitgeist Movement?…to quote from the site, “Started in late 2008, The Zeitgeist Movement exists as the communication and “Activist Arm” of an organization called The Venus Project. The Venus Project was started many decades ago by Social/Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco and his life’s work has been to address and overcome the lack of sustainability existing currently across the world and work to incorporate new methods and values before it is too late. The basic pursuit of The Movement is to begin a transition into a new, sustainable social design called a “Resource-Based Economy”. This term was first coined by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project and refers to an economic structure based exclusively on strategic resource management as the starting point for all decisions.” [you can check out the website here]

Also, there’s a two and half (plus) hour video released by TMZ, if you have the time – enjoy!

Black Stallion for dinner?

Put Horse Meat in US Diet, Slaughter Group Say — “The first Summit of the Horse on Tuesday drew advocates from across the West who slammed animal rights groups and implored the federal government to once again embrace horse meat as a legal source of nutrition, saying horse meat is already safely consumed in dozens of countries. ”  [Read more here]

Global food shortage is very likely — “Basic food commodities like wheat, corn, soybeans, and rice have been skyrocketing since July, 2010 to record highs.  These sustained price increases are only expected to continue as food production shortfalls really begin to take their toll this year and beyond.” [Read full article here]

FDA: Global food police

Food safety bill invokes codex harmonization and grants FDA authority to police food safety of foreign nations

did you know there’s a global FDA power grab agenda hidden in the Food Safety Modernization Act? [Read more]
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