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Jim Rogers has a very bleak outlook for the US… [read here]

… as US debt reaches 100% of the GDP… [read more frightening facts here]

who do we believe? … those who say everything is going to be okay or those who continue to sound the alarm? Here’s an alert worth noting [read here].

George is seriously worried…. [read here]

Untested, Genetically engineered rice … sick! [read here]

13 facts about American military spending [read here] that are not just shocking but profoundly immoral in my view, including this one, “In 2008, the Pentagon spent more money every five seconds in Iraq than the average American earned in a year.”

Pay attention

Britain goes on strike

Mass strikes in generations planned, as Ministers set up emergency plans to handle to protect hospital services. [read here]

… [read here]

Read the article [here]

“2008 was bad, but wait till the next time around, it is going to be worse.” – Jim Rogers

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone… [read here]

It is all coming up roses [read here] – this is satirical opinion piece, just so you know…

Tell us something we don’t already know…and we don’t need WSJ to tell us this…but [here you go]

Bank protesters in England turn branches into services [read here]

Calls for protests in America have started… [read here]

And the protests flare up again in [India] and [Greece]

It is unrecognizable already … [read here]

The too big to fail banks are above the law… and no surprise there



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