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I am not making this up …. [read here]

Mainstream media finally wakes up to the dangers of CMEs… [read here]

Italians evacuate Rome, based on a prediction (of a large earthquake) made in 1915 [read here]

Not that we don’t have enough to worry about…but scientists are now discovering that the sun might be emitting a mystery particle that is likely influencing the decay rate of matter on earth. That’s right, carbon-dating might now be actually ‘dated’ … weird and worrying [check here]

More liquification evidence – this is NOT a good sign…

Very important – watch:

The company that caused the Gulf Oil disaster are rewarding its Execs with bonuses for achieving ‘the best year in safety performance’….. welcome to the bizarro world [read here]

Mainstream media has as usual dropped the ball in providing a clear analysis so youtube is being utilized by other experts to explain things as they are (currently) …watch the video below:

Now that there has been [another explosion in Unit 3] at the Fukushima Nuclear facility, the risk of a meltdown and radiation has increased. So far in the mainstream news, according to most experts, the radiation levels are low and contained, however it is important to be aware of those experts who disagree. [read this article here] Рnote this appeared prior to the second explosion in Unit 3.

[UPDATE: – you might want to check this out – [important news]

Google images – see the difference [link]

I am not posting any news links to this story because enough information is out there on the net. However, it is important to highlight these following links:

Global Giving
[link to]

Save The Children
[link to]

Red Cross
[link to]

Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake
[link to]


I’ve had comment requests regarding posting info on 2012. There’s enough out there on the net already. BUT the aspect I am interested in are the views of NASA… below are two videos depicting NASA’s point of view…and guess what?… they don’t really match…so if NASA can’t agree, why do we expect other people to? People will believe what the want to believe – ’nuff said.

NASA Astra-biologist on the topic of 2012

Michio Kaku – Astro Physicist on NASA Study

Strange and unusual – [check this out]

NG shouldn’t be giving such ideas to the mainstream… [read here]

EQ in New Zealand

Christchurch hit by EQ

Apparently the fat lady hasn’t sung yet as scientists BP oil still remains stuck to the bottom of Gulf of Mexico [read here]

It is unrecognizable already … [read here]

This can’t be good … [read here] … as evidenced by [this]

Well, this can’t be good – [read here]

With all the extreme weather events and natural disasters happening all over the world, one would expect that the mainstream media to address this issue but they are not (to my knowledge). Once again, alternative news is talking about the climate change and trying to make sense of what is happening. Check out the Robert Felix interview [here]

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