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Self-righteous, hypocritical, bigoted, misinformed and dangerous – welcome to the world of the pseudo-religious groups. [read here]

end of publishing?…

Old video but certainly worth another watch …

This has been around on the net for a while but now there’s a more concentrated effort to push this into the mainstream and it is picking up steam via facebook. What is the Zeitgeist Movement?…to quote from the site, “Started in late 2008, The Zeitgeist Movement exists as the communication and “Activist Arm” of an organization called The Venus Project. The Venus Project was started many decades ago by Social/Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco and his life’s work has been to address and overcome the lack of sustainability existing currently across the world and work to incorporate new methods and values before it is too late. The basic pursuit of The Movement is to begin a transition into a new, sustainable social design called a “Resource-Based Economy”. This term was first coined by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project and refers to an economic structure based exclusively on strategic resource management as the starting point for all decisions.” [you can check out the website here]

Also, there’s a two and half (plus) hour video released by TMZ, if you have the time – enjoy!

Switzerland to vote on bizarre law to make incest legal between adults — [read here]

Human Shields

Thousands of Egyptian Muslims show up as ‘Human Shields’ to defend Coptic Christians from terrorism — [read here]

Muslim Scholars praise killer of Pakistan Governer — [My opinion: Extremism is not a monopoly of any specific religion, but there seems to be a disturbingly concentrated effort by a selective group of  mentally challenged individuals in Pakistan who parade under the banner of  ‘islamic scholars’, who seem to be giving it a right push…]  — Read the article [here]

Indignez vous! (Cry out!), a slim pamphlet by a wartime French resistance hero, Stéphane Hessel, is smashing all publishing records in France. The book urges the French, and everyone else, to recapture the wartime spirit of resistance to the Nazis by rejecting the “insolent, selfish” power of money and markets and by defending the social “values of modern democracy”. [Read more]

Women must not drive… [read more]

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