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Antarctic alert

Strange happenings in the areas around the south pole region. There’s [this] and [this]… you figure it out why this is happening.

It keeps getting worse…

This is revoltingly disturbing but then again, it is not surprising that this is happening… [read the pdf here]

Is this a hoax?… if not, this is another in line of the weirdest laws coming out of the US… [read here]… made me laugh

Busby on RT

Fairewinds Associates’ E. Gunderson on the current status

This is only news to the US mainstream media… the rest of the (sane) world already knew this… [read here]

Carving up Pakistan

An alternative opinion piece on the purpose of the drone attacks and the aim for Pakistan [read here]

After the recent disclosure by FBI of their UFO archive, NSA follows suit. What is going on? Why the sudden interest in UFOs and disclosure of documents by Government organizations? Are we being (mis)led towards an official disclosure… [peruse through the NSA X files here]

Link to the Norwegian Institue of Air Research – tracking the potential release of radiation from Fukushima [check the map]

Another point of view:

Not that we don’t have enough to worry about…but scientists are now discovering that the sun might be emitting a mystery particle that is likely influencing the decay rate of matter on earth. That’s right, carbon-dating might now be actually ‘dated’ … weird and worrying [check here]

Not that I care either way, … but this one is going to explode big time on Fox News (et al).. [read here]

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone… [read here]

George is unstoppable and kicks arse … 😀

For everyone in the MSM claiming that the Japan Nuclear situation is under control and not that serious should watch this…

Brace for impact, this is a sign of things to come. [read here]

Democracy Now interviews Michio Kaku – must watch

Read this [link]

More liquification evidence – this is NOT a good sign…

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