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Facebook and Youtube being utilized for a planned protest in Pakistan – 23rd March. Don’t know if this will get any notice or if the protests will actually happen and this call to revolt will be ignored. Watch video below – Note that the dude who made this video claims to be in Norway (based on the text in the video)…convenient, don’t you think?

Protests planned in Saudi Arabia for 11th March [read here]

NG shouldn’t be giving such ideas to the mainstream… [read here]

Bank protesters in England turn branches into services [read here]

Calls for protests in America have started… [read here]

US Fed causing the riots

Some think so…

If facebook revolutions are to be believed (they have been accurate so far in inciting protests in other countries), mark this date on your calendar – Saudi Arabia might be next [READ HERE].

Also, a maneuver to quell the coming unrest [read here]

And the protests flare up again in [India] and [Greece]

If true, this is extremely disturbing [read here]

Interesting interview – watch:

Christchurch hit by EQ

Apparently the fat lady hasn’t sung yet as scientists BP oil still remains stuck to the bottom of Gulf of Mexico [read here]

As protests take over Libya, Gaddafi flees the country [read here]

Update: Gaddafi’s departure reported to be a rumor by Al Jazeerah

Gene Sharp’s guide to non-voilent revolution has been used by active revolutionaries in Serbia and now in Egypt. [read here]

US Repulicats and Democrans fighting it out leading to a possible govt shutdown

It is unrecognizable already … [read here]

Robert Fisk reporting from Bahrain [read here]

A video posted on youtube showing a scene of the massacre. Viewer discretion is advised.

Gilad Atzmon addressing a Palestinian solidarity conference in Stuttgart –

This can’t be good … [read here] … as evidenced by [this]

The too big to fail banks are above the law… and no surprise there

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