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Jim Rogers has a very bleak outlook for the US… [read here]


… as US debt reaches 100% of the GDP… [read more frightening facts here]

who do we believe? … those who say everything is going to be okay or those who continue to sound the alarm? Here’s an alert worth noting [read here].

I am not making this up …. [read here]

George is seriously worried…. [read here]

Untested, Genetically engineered rice … sick! [read here]

13 facts about American military spending [read here] that are not just shocking but profoundly immoral in my view, including this one, “In 2008, the Pentagon spent more money every five seconds in Iraq than the average American earned in a year.”

Pay attention

Experts believe that the Japan nuclear disaster is far worse than governments are revealing to the public [read here]

Britain goes on strike

Mass strikes in generations planned, as Ministers set up emergency plans to handle to protect hospital services. [read here]

200, 000 account holders info retrieved by hackers…and CITIbank releases this info a month after the cyber attack… [read here]

Stay Alert all FB users! … [read here] and [here]

Japan has suggested the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant has gone beyond a meltdown into a worst-case melt-through. [source]

Mainstream media finally wakes up to the dangers of CMEs… [read here]

… says ex-Mossad Chief [read here]

Another sign for the impending economic fall [read here]

… [read here]

… 98% loss in the value of the investment. Only Goldman can pull this off… [read here]

Long but worth a read … [check here]

Killer cucumbers!

Not kidding… [read here]…Queeni must be missing her cucumber sandwiches with tea…

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